Weekly Yoga Focus (4/2 – 4/8/2012): For the First Time

“Life is trying things to see if they work.” ~~ Ray Bradbury

Yesterday, I posted a blog asking you what it was that brought you to the practice of yoga, and what is it that has kept you coming back. In keeping with that theme, this week I am asking you to think back to your very first yoga class – whether it was to a DVD or in a live class  – and how every movement probably felt new and different to your body, and to your mind.

This week in class, try to relive that feeling in each pose you do. Try to remember how Downward Dog felt the very first time you did it, for example. Was it challenging? Did it feel like your arms would never stop shaking? Could you do the pose with your legs straight, or did you have to bend your knees because your hamstrings were super tight? What about Forward Fold? How did THAT one feel? I know that for me, Forward Fold felt like torture because I was so tight in the hamstrings!

If you can relive that “first time” feeling, then I bet it’s easy for you to see just how far you’ve come in your practice, especially if you’ve been practicing for awhile.

Taking the time to reflect on our practice in this way can sometimes be just what we need to rejuvenate our passion and to remind us how hard work pays off, both on and off the mat.



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