Weekly Yoga Focus (5/28-6/10/2012): Find the Cure

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” -Isak Dinesen

(I took this pic at Folly Beach, SC last summer…my fave place!)

You may have noticed in the title of my post that my weekly yoga focus actually covers two weeks instead of just one. Well, folks, that’s because I am taking a nice long weekend with my husband and daughters this coming weekend to hit the beach. And then the day after we come back from there, I have to fly to Nashville for a business trip for five days. So my teaching schedule is all jacked up for the next two weeks, where I’ll only be teaching two days. Don’t worry…I’ve got coverage for my classes, so you can still come and get your yoga on…you’ll just be with someone else while I’m away. I’ll be teaching as scheduled this coming Wednesday (5/30), but will be having a sub the next Wednesday (6/6). I’ll have a sub next Sunday for both my classes (6/3), but will be back to teach the following Sunday (6/10). Oh, and I’ll also be subbing the Power Yoga class at the Fort Mill YMCA on Saturday, 6/9, from 10:00-11:30 a.m., so join me there if you can.

Anyway, since my schedule is a bit reduced these next couple of weeks, the theme will carry over both weeks. And I think it’s actually good, because I think the theme is something we can all stand to keep around in our lives for more than just one week. The theme is “Find the Cure”.

The cure? What do you mean? Cure for what? Allow me to elaborate. Many times when we think of “curing” something, we immediately jump to sickness or disease. But sometimes, it’s as simple as needing to cure certain habits, attitudes or thoughts. Sometimes we get so “stuck” in these areas, and not necessarily for the better. After all, how many bad habits do you have, for example? I know that I had the very bad habit of drinking soda and eating lots of tortilla chips. But almost two weeks ago, I started following a medically supervised diet, and had to cut these things out (along with several other foods I absolutely LOVE!). I have to admit, I cried a little bit when I found out I could no longer eat my beloved nachos with melted shredded cheese. And lately, my attitude and thoughts have not been on the positive side the majority of the time, because I’m very frustrated and stressed about my health.

I came across the quote above recently, and it really hit home for me. When I thought about it, it is SO true…at least it is for me, anyway. When I have a great workout…one that really works up a good sweat…I always feel better and more positive after. Same thing when I cry…sometimes, I will intentionally watch or listen to something that I know will bring on the tears, because I know that having a good cry always makes me feel like I’ve shed a million pounds from my shoulders. And the ocean is something I love dearly. I grew up near Virginia Beach, so the ocean is part of my blood. The sound of the waves is like a meditation for me…I love timing my breaths to the waves as they roll in and out. And the salt water always makes me feel cleansed and detoxified.

This past week, I was able to get in several great workouts, where I really worked up a great sweat. Yesterday, I had myself a good cry. And today, I woke up feeling a bit better. My attitude seems better today, more positive. And I am hoping that next weekend at the beach will be that one last piece I feel like I still need. Hopefully, I can keep it up, getting my “medicine” by continuing to exercise, crying a little bit here and there, and sneaking away to some water (though it may not be the ocean) once in awhile to catch the sound of the waves.

In our yoga classes, the most obvious “salt water” we will come across is our own sweat. If you come to the Power Yoga classes or the Yoga for Athletes class, you’ll sweat for sure…getting rid of toxins and extra calories your bodies don’t need. If you come to the Deep Stretch class, you may find that you are able to open up and release such a huge amount of tension that the tears will flow. The shoulders and hips store so much stress and emotional “junk”, and when we open those areas, sometimes the flood gates open. Welcome it! Let it flow and see how much better you feel after. And if you get an opportunity to catch some waves, do it…see how relaxed you feel after a nice day on the water.

Whatever it is for you, find your cure. Find the thing (or things) that can help “unstick” you and get you flowing into the groove again. You won’t be sorry!



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