Weekly Yoga Focus (6/18-6/24/2012): Learn and Discover

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” –Ray Bradbury

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In our yoga practice, we are constantly learning. We learn how to do new things with our bodies, we learn how to control our breathing, we learn how to quiet the mind. It’s a never-ending process. Once we master one thing, it’s time to move on to the next level and step it up a notch.

My yoga journey has been going on since 1999. Many of you have already heard my story, so I won’t bore you with the details here (you can review earlier blog entries if you want to read all about it). Even though I’ve been practicing for about 13 years, I still find that I learn something new about myself and my practice each and every time I step onto my mat. Sometimes, it’s as simple as noticing that a tight spot I’ve been dealing with has suddenly loosened up. Other times, it’s more profound, and I find that I am able to view a situation I’ve been dealing with in a completely new light. And sometimes…well, sometimes I’m reminded that what I thought I knew, I don’t.

When we learn something in our yoga practice, it is meant to be shared. After all, if you’ve just learned something profound, had some sort of “A-ha!” moment, why would you want to keep it all to yourself? When I first started practicing yoga, I would have these moments and would keep them to myself. I felt like people would think I was weird if I just started telling them about the things I was discovering. However, people noticed that SOMETHING was going on with me. They could see it in my face and in my attitude. And they started asking questions, wanting to know what it was I was doing that was making me so much happier. So I started sharing what I was learning, and eventually decided that I liked it so much, I would teach others. And the rest is history, as they say.

I won’t lie to you. Sometimes, I feel “exposed” when I share certain things. I worry about the reaction I’ll get, or that I’ve shared too much. But I’ll tell you something…every single time I’ve taken the chance and put it out there, I always get a private message from at least one of you to tell me how that particular message struck a chord with you. Now, whenever I feel that sense of trepidation, I know that means I’m supposed to share it. And so I do.

In honor of Ray Bradbury, who is one of my favorite authors that died recently, I am using this week’s entry to share one of his quotes that I have always loved. In relation to yoga, he couldn’t have said it better. Yoga constantly fills us with new revelations, helping us along our journey to find the things that are the most meaningful. When you come across these revelations, don’t keep them to yourself…tip yourself over and let out all the beautiful things you’ve learned. You never know who you might help along the way.

My challenge to you this week is to find one thing that yoga has taught you. Just one thing. And then find one person to share it with. If this falls outside your comfort zone, then go with something simple (like, “Wow! Yoga showed me that I am super tight in my outer calf, and if I position my foot in the proper way, I can really focus in on my trouble spot.”). Maybe you’re comfortable sharing something more profound. Whatever you are comfortable with. In my opinion, anything you’re willing to share is worth it. Anything.

In class this week, we’ll be taking the time in our poses to dig in with our brains and see if we can find something new in the poses we frequently do. Enjoy the process of letting your cup be filled with new discoveries!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Yoga Focus (6/18-6/24/2012): Learn and Discover

  1. Tomorrow I am starting Week 3 of APY60, and I recently relized that yoga is helping me learn how to flourish again, even under scrutiny. I had lost that ability, and it’s been a painful trip back~but I do feel like I will get there!


    1. You most definitely will…I promise!


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