Life is Good!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the “Life Is Good” brand, right? They sell clothing, coffee mugs, blankets — you name it, and they probably sell it. On every single item they sell, there is either a saying or some scenario from our lives to remind us that the simple things are all we need. For example, one of their shirts that I have is of a yogi in Lotus Pose with a big ol’ smile — and it always reminds me how happy yoga makes me feel….here’s a snapshot of the image on my shirt:

Doing yoga certainly reminds me that life is good. Even when my body can’t get into particular poses, I still feel good. Seeing what my body CAN do, breathing in unison with my movements, and noticing how my mind instantly calms down — well, what could possibly be bad about any of that, right?

There may be certain poses you do that remind you of all the good things in life. I know that for me, when I practice Sun Salutations, I always feel happy for some reason. Especially when I do the Chaturanga. When I remember back to when I first started practicing yoga, I think about how I couldn’t even do one Chaturanga. I always had to modify, and my arms would shake like crazy. But I kept at it, and within a few months, my arms weren’t shaking quite so much. And within a few more months, I was able to do them without having to put my knees down. And now I can do them one-legged, to the side, and a few other variations. Chaturanga makes me feel strong and free!

So do you have a specific pose (or poses) that make you feel that everything is as it should be in the world? If so, I’d love to hear about them, and why they make you feel this way. Let’s share all the good things there are with each other!



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