Pose of the Week: Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana)

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a  humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or  happy.” ~~ Norman Vincent Peale


Photo Courtesy of FitSugar

Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana), also referred to sometimes as Bound Warrior Pose, is one of my favorite poses to do on my mat, and it’s the one pose I’ll be including in every class I teach this week. From a physical perspective, it opens the hips, stretches and strengthens the shoulders, stretches the chest, and strengthens the legs. All of these are things my body desperately needs, as I am forever tight in my shoulders and hips! From what my students have shared with me, I am not alone, so I wanted to make this our focus pose this week and really break it down in class.

This pose can also help one to focus on their own practice, rather than looking around at what everyone else in the room is doing on their mats, as it tends to be a more low-key and submissive posture.

Physical benefits aside, look at the posture in the picture above closely. To me, it simulates bowing down, as if in reverence, to the Divine. Bowing down, surrending all that I cannot control to the One who can. Surrendering and accepting exactly where we are at this moment.

Seen in this light, the pose suddenly takes on a more holistic meaning, truly encompassing the aspect that yoga unites mind, body and spirit. So as we come to our mats this week, wherever you are, try to include this pose a few times. As your muscles surrender into the stretch, also surrender your troubles. Let them go, and let the moment wash over you.

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