Get Connected!

“This we know; all things are connected like the blood that unites us. We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” ~~ Chief Seattle

This past week, I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the people who took me up on my Facebook challenge to post three positive things each day for a total of seven days. At the end of MY seven days, one of my friends suggested that maybe I should keep going for a total of 21 days, seeing as how it takes about that long to form a habit. I decided she was on to something, and have continued posting three things each day…I am now on Day 10.

Also, I came across a really cool Web site called “Daily Challenge” ( If you sign up (it’s free), you’ll get a daily challenge e-mailed to you. These challenges can be anything from trying a yoga pose to researching insect bites to trying a new food. It’s pretty cool, and you can even invite friends to join you and create pacts with each other. I signed up, and several of my friends are doing it with me…I love it!

Today I came across the quote above by Chief Seattle, and it really struck a chord with me because these past few weeks, I’ve been working really hard to be more positive, to connect more meaningfully with others around me, to be HAPPIER. And Chief Seattle says it so well…everything is connected to each other. We are all connected to each other.

Every person I tagged to join in on the seven days of positivity, I chose for a reason. Some are already people I find to be positive all the time, so I thought it was important for them to radiate that out and perhaps “infect” others who need a little more positivity in their lives. Some are people who I know are going through tough times right now…and I thought that maybe challenging them to do this might help get them out of whatever rut they are in, especially if they can see that there really IS something good to be found in every single situation.

Some people didn’t jump on the bandwagon, and that is totally cool with me. I get it. Some people just may not be ready yet. I’m not giving up, though. I am loving seeing all the positive things being posted, and it’s inspiring me and lifting me up more and more each day. Eventually, I just KNOW it will “infect” everyone. It has to, right? Because we are all connected. And whatever we do to that web called life, we do to ourselves and it affects everyone around us.

So get connected! Don’t isolate yourself if you’re down…get out there and let your guard down, and believe me, someone will be there to help you pick up the pieces. It’s why I am working so hard to build up the yoga community I am a part of here in the Fort Mill area. I am really working hard to encourage my students to get to know each other, as I am getting to know them. I am venturing out and taking classes more frequently at a variety of places, so that I can meet and connect with even more people who share my passion. It isn’t easy for me, as I think I’ve mentioned before that I am an introvert. But it is therapeutic for my entire being, so I am putting myself out there and getting more and more comfortable each day.

What are you doing to get connected with your world? Are you doing things that help you expand outside of your comfortable bubble? If not, what’s stopping you? I’d love to have you share what works for you, as I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and connect even more.



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4 thoughts on “Get Connected!

  1. How did you get so smart?


  2. Thank you for your inspiring info.I volunteered in my church in the summer camp for the children and enjoyed it so much. it fells good to do something for others. Rosi

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    1. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Awesome!


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