Adair Smith

“Melanie Deal is a special teacher to me. I’ve know of her for years and she doesn’t know this but simply finding her voice via YouTube or on her FB during the pandemic would bring me a calm and peace that I needed to feel. Her classes are a mixture of sweetness and depth that as a busy mom of three intense children living in these uncertain times is exactly what the doctor ordered! Even as an experienced yogi I get so much out of her slower paced deep stretch class that provides me both mental, physical and spiritual grounding. I recommended her to a friend that had just undergone surgery and felt confident that Melanie would take wonderful care of her and provide any accommodations needed. Melanie’s soothing voice and clear directions in class are a beautiful combination whether it’s your first yoga class or your millionth! Prepare to provide your body and mind with the self care you deserve 🥰

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