Mindfulness and Taming the Wild Elephant (S2, E25) SC Yoga Girl

In this final episode of Season 2, Melanie discusses the connection between practicing mindfulness and taming a wild elephant. To purchase the book she recommends, How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness, by Jan Chozen Bays, click here. For more information on Melanie and her offerings, please check out her web site at scyogagirl.com.
  1. Mindfulness and Taming the Wild Elephant (S2, E25)
  2. Finding Santosha (Contentment) Part 4: Focus on Finding Joy (S2, E24)
  3. Finding Santosha (Contentment) Part 3: Focus on Your Own Actions (S2, E23)
  4. Finding Santosha (Contentment) Part 2: Focus on Your Current Circumstances (S2, E22)
  5. Finding Santosha (Contentment) Part 1: Focus on Your Current Surroundings (S2, E21)

Melanie Deal loves to share her yoga and wellness journey with everyone, because she truly believes that everyone’s journey matters. Her journey has been filled with moments of both joy and pain, and through it all, she has immense gratitude for everything she has been given.

On the SC Yoga Girl Podcast, Melanie will cover topics related to all the pieces and parts of yoga and overall wellness. Therefore, you will find a diverse set of episodes that will speak to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pillars that help us achieve our best health and our best self.

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